Annika spent five years in the foster care system.

Aging out without permanence and left without resources or the care needed to do life independently was a challenge. It’s taken a lot of letting go, learning, and guidance, but it’s been a beautiful process to walk daily into wholeness from a past of brokenness.

Through Dream Makers, she’s been able to pursue her desires of becoming a photographer and graphic designer with her dreams granted of a laptop, camera lenses, and photo equipment. These items have paved a way for her to provide for herself as she uses her gifts to advocate for others in the foster care system.

In her own words: “I didn’t know there were people out there who saw the needs and barriers that I faced as a former foster youth. I’ve felt so seen, heard, and treasured by them, almost the exact opposite of how I’ve felt so long in society. Dream Makers has truly given me the practical support I’ve needed and been the catalyst to me sharing my story.”

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