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Heidi – Colorado – age 18
Heidi has just moved into her own apartment.  She works a full-time job and is also participating in an internship. Heidi spends over 3 hours a day using public transportation to get to her job and internship.  She wants to start school in the fall and a vehicle will definitely reduce her commute time.  Cost of dream – $1,180

Let’s work together to fulfill Heidi’s Dream!

The Dreams

About Dream Makers

Dream Makers is a program of America’s Kids Belong, an organization that exists to end the foster care crisis in America. Dream Makers serves youth who have aged out of foster care or are likely to age out in the near future. Every year 23,000 teens exit the foster care system without a family to help them transition into adulthood. These youth were removed from their families, having experienced neglect, abuse, or abandonment. Dream Makers helps remove barriers that stand in the way of the empowered, connected lives these youth dream of having.

The Dream Makers Project draws a community around youth who have no family to help them navigate the financial challenges of young adulthood like renting an apartment, getting their first car, clothes for a new job, or locating a reasonably priced laptop for school.

Once a young person has a basic need met through Dream Makers, they are empowered to dream about their future careers and other steps of independence through our program.

When you become a Dream Maker, you have the opportunity to let one of these youths know that someone cares for them and that they are not alone. Your generosity can give them the confidence they need to step into their future.



 Annie was surprised by Dream Makers with a new camera and a flight to Nashville to meet award-winning photographer, artist, and entrepreneur, Jeremy Cowart (pictured with Annie).

We are just so thankful that people, like Jeremy, say yes to caring about kids who have come from really hard places!

 While the day with Jeremy was inspiring to Annie, her response to us at AKB and Dream Makers has been more than inspiring to us. Our hearts grew bigger just watching the connection between these artists and Annie’s words of gratitude.


“I’m currently headed home to Seattle and typing this from miles above in the air. Part of me still feels like yesterday was a complete dream, but maybe that’s because it absolutely was! I was surprised by God through Dream Makers yet again, as they flew me out to Franklin, TN for a trip that has so deeply touched me. Yesterday I got to have lunch with one of my biggest creative inspirations, Jeremy Cowart, followed by time in his incredible studio where he took us behind the scenes of where the magic happens. Not only have I been impacted + inspired by his creativity, talent, and art — I’ve now been touched by his heart.

Getting to spend my time in Tennessee brought such healing to the inner parts of me. I felt so seen, so loved, and so cared for by Dream Makers and AKB. The purity in their hearts to declare belonging over every foster youth/those aging out and to place them in forever families is changing countless lives and I know will continue to! What a gift. Truly. I’ll always continually tell God to use my story as He pleases for His glory. These movements are cultivating the narrative of belonging for so many.”

Families forming. Awareness arising. Hearts opening. Seats added. My name is Annie and I belong.

Introducing The Dream Makers

We have a continually growing list of people, businesses, and foundations fulfilling dreams and becoming the latest Dream Makers. We want to recognize these people and organizations for there wonderful generosity in supporting the dreams of these kids, giving them hope now, and a vision for the future. Click the button below to view our Dream Makers and the Dreams they have fulfilled.

Why We Do It

To explain why we do what we do, there is really no better way than to introduce you to a few of the kids whose lives are so wonderfully impacted by the caring and generosity of people like you. Please take a few minutes to watch the video below.

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