Tori spent 12 years in the foster care system before aging out. Now, she is a constant advocate for others who have been through what she has. Her heart is to see a vulnerable population of youth, who have not experienced as much love as they should, be loved in ways that they understand. Her grander vision is to keep telling her story to encourage foster youth and empower the church to rise up and take good care of the vulnerable — those in foster care, those who are trafficked, the homeless and the abused — the list goes on and on.⁣

Words from Tori:⁣

“Another organization that grants ‘dreams’ or ‘wishes’ for youth who age out of foster care told me that my dream was ‘too big.’ I felt dismissed and rejected.⁣

But Dream Makers got a dream maker to fulfill my hope of competing for the title of Mrs. Universe in just one day. Me as Mrs. Universe, sharing what God has done in my life, and raising awareness about foster care would not be possible if it wasn’t for Dream Makers. Dream Makers is truly one of the most helpful and empowering organizations for foster youth.⁣

I feel indebted to them. As a small town former foster youth and dinky nonprofit and business owner, I urge you to fulfill a dream. You never know if your help and generosity might result in the next Mrs. Universe.”