Richard aged out of the foster care system at 18 and was released into the world.

Richard has always been passionate about photography and videography and is gifted in capturing special moments for so many people through his talents. He’s pursuing a career in creating content full-time.

A huge dream of his was obtaining a drone that would help take his skillset to the next level and, through Dream Makers, that dream was fulfilled.

In his words: “Aging out was probably just as difficult as entering foster care. No one tells you how to navigate life, and it is especially harder to figure out when you’re completely doing it alone. I didn’t know how to buy a car, register for car insurance, or sign up for medical insurance. I had no idea how to budget money and I was a full-time college student with no one in my family before ever attending college. Finding your community of people is so important. Thankfully, I’ve successfully transitioned into an adult that is self-supporting. I’m able and willing to share my experience and provide guidance to those in similar situations that I was in.”