Dream Guidelines

  • Our program is designed to come alongside youth who have aged out, or are in the process of aging out of the foster care system without support between the ages or 15 and 25.
  • Dreams should focus on the youth who has aged out of foster care, not dependents or partners. They should elevate the young person to new opportunities, provide permanency, sustain employment or education, and promote confidence or growth. Dreams should empower without enabling. (Please avoid dreams like rent, debt, furniture, vacations, and medical procedures. These are not eligible requests for our program.)
  • Most dream requests that are approved are within the $100-$1000 range. We do occasionally approve dreams for higher amounts based on a compelling need; this is rare, but still possible. Please keep in mind the larger the dream the longer it usually takes to find a donor for that dream.
  • Please provide accurate information. Missing or inaccurate information slows down the process of making the dream a reality. Please do not apply multiple times.
Dream Referrals


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Please fill out the form below if you are between the ages of 15-25 or if you would like to refer a dream on behalf of the foster youth in that age range. Referrals will be considered regarding help with education, career goals, independent living, and/or constructive hobbies or talents.
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Top 3 Dream Ideas

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Youth Information

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*Disclaimer: Dream Makers reserves the right to refuse dreams based on liability or improbability of fulfillment*

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