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Below are some of the most frequently asked question regarding The DreamMakersProject. Please select each one to see our answers to these:

How much of my dream purchase goes to purchase the youth's dream?

100% of the funds that are received through dream purchases go to direct-program costs; at least 80% of this goes to purchase the youth’s dream, sometimes considerably more. The difference helps cover things like postage, supplies, shipping, website maintenance, and other vital program expenses. We utilize grant funding, foundations, and our loyal monthly donors to help cover additional administrative costs. Our focus is helping youth. We only seek to recover the direct expenses we incur to keep our program sustainable in alignment with our goal of empowering our former foster youth. 

What happens if the youth can no longer use the dream that was purchased?

Occasionally, circumstances do not allow us to purchase a dream for a youth. The transient nature of this population contributes to this occurrence. There are times where we can no longer locate the youth or their situation has significantly changed. In these rare circumstances, we simply shift these funds to another youth who is waiting for a dream.

Can I contact the youth who's dream I purchased?

Contacting the youth is not usually possible. Some youth prefer anonymity and we attempt to honor their wishes. Other youth are not able to give out personal information due to the complexity of their situation. We do notify each youth with the actual name of their dream donor and request a thank you note from them.

Can I purchase the item and send it to the youth?

We are not able to arrange the logistical details of making this happen. In most cases, we are not able to give out the address and personal information of the youth. We also do not disclose the addresses of our donors to our youth. This is a necessary buffer to protect both youth and donors.

My business/organization wants to choose a dream or multiple dreams to fill. Is this possible?

Yes, you can select the dream(s) that are most appealing to you and your group. We can create an exclusive link for you to share with those who are joining you in participating. Email our National Director, Paula Hoogland at phoogland@amkidsbelong.org to set this up.

Are these the actual photos and names of the youth who are receiving these dreams?

When young people submit a request for a dream we give them the choice to submit a photo or to have us choose a stock photo for them. Many youth choose to share a real photo for the website; the rest are given a stock photo. The same is true for names. Most youth choose to share their real name with Dream Makers donors. If they are uncomfortable with their real name being listed, we assign them an alias. Our goal is to empower youth, allowing their sucessess to be seen and validated while protecting their privacy.

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