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Autumn's Dream

Autumn's Dream

Autumn's Dream

Autumn’s dream is to go to summer camp... - Read more about Autumn’s dreams below.
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Autumn – Colorado – age 18  
Autumn originally came into foster care at the age of four years old with her younger brother. They were found with their father who was squatting in an apartment and cooking methamphetamine. Previously, Autumn’s mother had been investigated because Autumn had fallen out of a two-story window of an apartment building. Autumn was moved from placement to placement due to her difficult behaviors. Her current foster home has been a stable place for Autumn for the past several years and she will continue to live with them and receive adult services due to her special needs. Autumn has a chromosomal disorder called mosaic down syndrome. Given Autumns’ developmental disabilities, exposure to methamphetamine, possible exposure to substances in utero, lack of appropriate parental care prior to being placed, and frequent foster care placements, Autumn has many challenges to overcome in her life. Despite her challenges she always manages to look on the bright side. She is a terrific comedian, excels at learning schedules, loves food and wishes to work outside the home now that she is an adult. She has ambitions of taking care of her foster father and foster mother as they age. She loves them dearly as they do her. Autumn’s dream is to go to summer camp. It is one of the only things she has ever asked for other than chocolate cake on her birthday. She longs for a bit of independence and fun outside of her home, where her parents care for other high needs children. A camp that meets the needs of children with down syndrome has agreed to accept her into their program for one week at a local YMCA mountain camp where she will learn independent living skills and participate in experiences she may never have another opportunity to do, such as horse-back riding, canoeing, zip-lining, camping out and any number of other overnight camp experiences.  This would be a wonderful opportunity for Autumn.  Cost of her dream – $1090

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